European Stroke Research Foundation - esrf

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ESC and based on the merits of so many successful meetings in the past we decided to create the „European Stroke Research foundation – esrf“as a registered, public controlled charity to support the European Stroke Conference, international workshops and meetings as well as individual and institutional activities and programmes of highly innovative stroke related basic sciences and challenging clinical topics ready to stimulate exciting new pathways and strategies for research, including those making use of in the Industry 4 Revolution world of internet and social media supported world wide innovative communication.

Calls for innovative research proposals are encouraged

-to  promote  basic and clinical sciences for the improvent of current knowledge about stroke and cerebrovascular diseases in the broad range of  various aspects (eg pathophysiology, biology, diagnosis, acute treatment and prevention, rehabilitation and other stroke related issues)
– to facilitate institutional and individual communication of scientific contributions in conferences, workshops and other meetings
– to present and award extraordinary new contributions to stroke related topics
– for the benefit of healthy people in a global ageing population
– for the prevention of stroke attacks
– for new therapeutic achievements
– for better insight in re-organisation and recovery of complex brain networks after cerebrovascular lesions
– for the prevention of cognitive stroke sequelae
– for the development/introduction of new methods to study stroke sources and treatments in Individual patients and larger groups worldwide
– to prepare large clinical trials within preliminary small samples

The Board members of the esrf are responsible to the goals of the foundation and independant in their decisions.

Please download the „Research Application Form“ here:
Research Programme Application Form – European Stroke Research Foundation ESRF

Please contact:

esrf President Michael G. Hennerici
University of Heidelberg UMM