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ESRF Grants 2015 - Both ESRF and ESC awarded more than 60.000 € in junior travel grants and highlight prices for best scientific contributions this year!

The “Johann Jacob Wepfer Award“ (20.000 €) of the ESC honors scientists for their outstanding scientific work in the field of cerebrovascular diseases and significant contributions to our knowledge about treatment of acute stroke since 2005:

Prof. J.-C. Baron, United Kingdom in 2005
Prof. M. Kaste, Finland in 2006
Prof. C. Warlow, United Kingdom in 2007
Prof. M.G. Bousser, France in 2008
Prof. JP Mohr, USA in 2009
Prof. J. van Gijn, The Netherlands in 2010
Prof. W.D. Heiss, Germany 2011
Prof. L. Caplan, USA 2012
Prof. H.-C. Diener, Germany and Prof. W.Hacke, Germany 2013
Prof. S. Davis and Prof. G. Donnan, Australia 2014

R Sacco was the first neurologist and stroke expert elected as President of the American Heart Association and is President elect of the American Academy of Neurology, the world´s largest neurological organisation.

„Wepfer Award Winner 2015“
Prof R. Sacco, USA

In this tradition, the ESRF awarded 2015 Prof R. Sacco, USA  for his outstanding contributions to  interdisciplinary stroke research  among different medical specialties: 

21 HIGHLIGHT PRICES were awarded for best ranked abstract submissions on basic and clinical research from 15 countries around the world.
Overall, both ESRF and ESC awarded more than 60.000 € in travel grants and highlight prices this year to support communication and information of stroke research among students, residents, graduate fellows,  young scientists and outstanding international stroke physicians.

In addition, among   abstracts submissions 19 JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR TRAVEL GRANT APPLICATIONS have been selected by ESC and ESRF board members.

Thus  40 winners from 24 countries all around the world were presented in a Plenary Session in Vienna on Friday May 15th, 2015 11:45-12:45

ESRF and Cerebrovascular Diseases Symposium
(ESRF/Cerebrovascular Diseases sponsored a „Plenary Session“ during the European Stroke Conference in Vienna 2015)

Please visit the new webdokumentation Vienna 2015 to join this session online on

The promise of neurorecovery from stroke: from molecules to networks
Chairs: D. Corbett (Canada)S. Meairs (Germany)


Molecular basis of stroke recovery in animal models
T. Carmichael (USA)

Finding an optimal rehabilitation paradigm after stroke – enhancing fiber growth and training of the brain at the right moment
M. Schwab (Switzerland)

Cortical reorganisation after stroke – How much and how functional?
C. Grefkes (Germany)

Tools to study the connectome in animal models of stroke
T. Murphy (Canada)